I did Tarot reading (basic, advance and professional). It was a new and great experience for me. As I entered the world of spiritualism. I was into some intuitions earlier but after attending the course I felt that I found the reason of life. Now I am earning well just due to help of lavina ji.

Smita Kaushik (Delhi, INDIA)

It was very good experience and lavina mam is very supportive and co- operative .we learned listen crowley Thoth cards.

Neetu Sabharwal (INDIA)

I did reiki, angels, Yogmaya from lavina mam and whatever course I did from her changed my life as a whole. Also I am very relaxed.

Nimisha Aggarwal (Delhi)

I am Rashmi. I did angel therapy, crystal, healing, reiki third level from Lavina mam. I am fully satisfied and happy. She is amazing teacher. She is humble, helpful really thanks for your cooperation and teachings thanks a lot.

Rashmi (USA)

It was wonderful learning experience from a soulful human being like you. The positivity you a create is immense. Incredible patience and teaching skills you have. I have learnt whole of tarot readings, all levels of reiki till 3rd degree, Yogmaya and angels therapy. Looking forward to do more thanks.

Ashima (Delhi, India)

Overall an amazing experience. The practical sessions have been great and the learning stupendous. Thanks a Ton to the guru lavina ji. THANK YOU …… THANK YOU….. THANK YOU…. (Yogmaya course)

kumar Devesh (Noida)

It was an amazing experience and no doubt that I felt alive, happy and highly connected with universal energy. Kuch dhood rahi thi janmo se wo talash puri hui akar yatan milkar lavina mam se jeene ki nayi aas muje mili …. THANKU YOU SO MUCH. The session are good. I am very comfortable with you to connect.

Monika Aggarwal (DUBAI)

Lama fera is a negative energy removal course. This course is useful for self-realization and day to day life problem solve very easily. I learn this course by LAVINA mam. Her teachings are good and way of method is friendly. She thought deeply and friendly way. Clear all doubt about my problem …. THANKS.

Anju sharma (Prashant Vihar Delhi)

Very genuine teaching available all the time good guidance in any kind of healing.

Simran shrivastav (Delhi, INDIA)

I meet Lavina di 4 years back and I am fully satisfied with her guidance about my questions some of the answers are nearest to 100 percent. Want to hire her as my tarot card reader and also a philosopher and a guide.

Nitu Chaudhary (Shakti Nagar Delhi, India)

Alister Crowley and Lama fera
I don’t know what to write about you. But what I feel about you. Is…you are a great teacher with lots of knowledge, wisdom & skill. Am glad I got opportunity to learn so much from you. The experienced of learning has been marvelous. You are a very true soul with positivity in your aura. I thank you for your support comfort which you give us.

Jyotsana Sharma (Rajouri Garden, ND, INDIA)

Tarot advance & tarot professional course. Firstly I would like to thank to lavina ji for her guidance and support I was doing tarot cards for last 4 years but I was not happy with my knowledge than I met with lavina ji an learnt professional tarot cards with her and I feel more satisfied with tarot reading . She is humble & very passionate about her teaching. She gives her best to each & every student.

Richa Sharma (Delhi, India)

Lavina mam … first of all you yourself is a very nice and humble lady. As u understand people a lot. Secondly, if I say about the course I have done reiki, and it was really wonderful experience. I sent healing to my distance lover many times and it worked like magic for both of us. Also I have healed my relationship and no wonder we are getting married now. So, one word for you at that is you are GOD for me as only you have got me out from my problems so many times.
Respect for you.
I wish I could be your daughter. Not just the course also I have learnt HUMANITY from you. I LOVE YOU more than my life itself Lavina mam THANKS a millions mam. Mam you mean a lot like a lot and a lot to me. You are very important to me. Your blessings are like god’s blessings for me.

Garima Dua (Delhi, INDIA)

Dear lavina di my experience with you since 4 year has been the amazing one. I am glad that got opportunity to share my problems with you to which you handled and comforted me with almost eased love. I have built such immense faith and trust in you since time that I could easily real you for my solutions to them are honest as well which has definitely made me believe in your readings and off course in you as well. My reiki session with you have been a great learning experience which has taught me to think in life with a different tangent. Heart felt thank you for your continuous support and comfort.

Arushi (Delhi, INDIA)

Lavina ji a fabulous and a good teacher. Doing reiki with her proved to be a turning point in my life.

Ruby (Delhi, INDIA)

Simple clear teaching and very effective for your personal problem.

Nishu singh (Delhi, INDIA)

Aliester Crowley Thoth : Amazing experience ! Loving & caring.

Shweta Chopra (Delhi, INDIA)

REIKI GRANDMASTER : I had an amazing experience, and classes were so understanding
TAROT (OSHOZEN) : tarot reading I understood completely all the cards and getting accurate readings.
ANGEL THERAPY : I got connect to my angels and archangels and understood the complete course.
Comments for improvements : lavina mam you should do this Nobel work on higher levels, and international level. Mam you are so skillful and benefits person, you deserve a higher level to teach.

Teeva Dhanjal (Canada)

YOGMAYA COURSE : Practical / simple/ best teaching experience.

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