Reiki Symbols

Reiki Symbols- Making TheReiki System Even More Powerful

Reiki symbols are considered sacred and things to be kept secret by many Reiki Masters who believe in ancient Reiki tradition. These Masters believe that those holy symbols should be available only to one who has been initiated at 2nd level of Reiki. But today, the symbols are actually available to be read and used freely by anyone interested in Reiki. It is believed by many that Reiki symbols have little significance before Reiki initiation. And that only after Reiki initiation, these symbols attain power.

The form of these symbols

These divine Reiki symbols are said to be based partly on the Kanji, the Japanese system of writing. To realize the power of these symbols, they should be drawn just like they have been told to be drawn or visualized. Another important thing to make these symbols work is the right intention to be incorporated by the Master or the practitioner.

Reiki Symbols open doors of enlightenment

Reiki symbols are also considered to be the keys to those doors that lead to higher minds. The main function of these symbols is to clear away the doubts that distance healing cannot exist. There are many symbols in Reiki system that immediately connect user to the life force prevalent in the universe. These symbols are beings described below:

CHO KU RAY- This is an all-purpose symbol, the symbol of Power that draws energy from everywhere around a person and focuses it where it is required. It is used for spiritual protection, for immediate treatments, in hospitals, on food or herbs, etc.

SEI HEI KI- This is the mental or the emotional symbol used for calming down the mind and providing emotional healing. It is extremely helpful in cleansing the mind and providing psychic protection. It also aids in removing addictions and in curing past life traumas. It removes all the negative energies from one’s body and restores a fine emotional balance.

HON SHA ZE SHO NEN- This symbol signifies distance. It contributes in sending the healing power of Reiki to anyone present anywhere and at any time. It promotes internal peace as well as enlightenment.

TAM-A-RA-SHA- This symbol represents the Balancing factor that grounds as well as balances the energy by unblocking the energy chakra and ensuring perfect energy flow. It also helps in pain reduction.

DAI KO MYO- This is the Master symbol, considered as the most powerful one in the whole Reiki group that brings in life profound transformations. Only Masters can use it to heal the soul. This symbol also provides peace as well as enlightenment and makes one intuitive as well as psychic.

Methods to activate Reiki symbols
There are various methods using which, with a good intention of course, these powerful symbols can be activated. These are listed below:

  • Draw them with either the palm centre or the finger.
  • Visualize them.
  • Draw them with third eye.
  • Spell the names of the symbols thrice.

To conclude:

Although the symbols hold great importance in the Reiki system but with continuous practice these symbols become less significant and relevant because the focus shifts to the ‘intent’ of particular energies that are required.

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