Reiki Third A Level (Master Healer & Teacher)

Reiki Level – III A (Shinpiden) is for people who have completed Reiki – II Degree and have used Reiki on themselves and others regularly for a substantial length of time and eager to enhance the healing power. No ego or ownership is otherwise involved in the term. Master Reiki symbol is taught in this level. The Shinpiden or Master Teacher Level of Reiki supports us in the evolutionary process we are in; it is a time of great change, a time of rebuilding and recreating our lives, our planet and ourselves. Usui’s great love in facilitating this change is remarkable! Reiki is here to awaken and assist us in growing, expanding and evolving into our true nature as multidimensional beings of Divine Love, Wisdom and Power.

Reiki is an ancient form of Healing System, rediscovered in the late 19th Century in Japan by Dr. Mikao Usui. One cannot learn to do Reiki by simply reading books/literature or become a Reiki Master, unless he is initiated or attuned by another Reiki Master/ Reiki Grand Master. When a Reiki Practitioner treats someone, it is not the practitioner's energy that is passed on. We are merely channels for the energy so we are not drained out in giving a Reiki Treatment. On the contrary, we receive a Reiki Treatment ourselves too while giving to someone.

The word 'Reiki' means 'Universal Energy' and refers to the energy that flows in and around every living being. Reiki is a form of Hands on Energy Healing, which channels universal healing energies to provide deep relaxation; frees blocked energy in the body which may have occurred due to any reason so far and balances mind, body and soul. It is a wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable therapy, which leaves you feeling calm, peaceful and at ease with yourself and the world. It is true that one session of Reiki Treatment of about 45 minutes to 1 hour is equivalent to 3-4 hours sleep.

Reiki is a form of healing energy which works whether one believes it or not - even if the recipient is unconscious, Reiki works. It works well to keep things positive & enhances the effects of healing properties in case of medical treatments and accelerates the healing process. It works on animals, plants and non-living things also. So Reiki Practitioner can easily use it to treat themselves as well as others.

Albert Einstein said, “The only really valuable thing is intuition.” The Third Degree is about developing your intuition, and much more; in this you will develop your capacity to allow your mind to be informed by your heart. One of my favorite meditations was taught by Swami Vivekananda, “Think of a space in your heart, and think that in the midst of that space a flame is burning. Think of that flame as your own soul. Inside the flame is another effulgent light, and that is the Soul of your soul, God. Meditate upon that in the heart." Some people call this place in the heart, “silence.”

Working with the fourth Reiki symbol, the master symbol raises the vibration frequency of the Reiki energy, strengthening it; the Usui Master symbol increases the effectiveness of the other symbols and strengthens our awareness of our Divine guidance. A higher degree of self-empowerment is attained at this level, through a strong energetic connection to the source of Reiki. You will work on integrating your heart with your mind—you begin to experience what it is like to think with your heart by using the same Japanese techniques that Usui used himself. It is for personal growth and spiritual maturation, as well as for working with those who are seeking to grow spiritually. In the process of learning the healing techniques, and taking part in the guided meditations, Manifesting with Reiki, Psychic surgery (removal of stones from body without operations), Reiki grid for 24 hours continuous healing for any issue whether financial, emotional, mental, and psychological. Creating a Reiki crystal grid to continuously transmit healing energy for specific purposes. A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, ignites a heart, and inspires a spirit.

"Human subtlety will never devise an invention more beautiful, simpler or more direct than does Nature, because in her inventions, nothing is lacking and nothing is superfluous". The third level of Reiki is taught in two parts: III – A (Master Healer & Teacher) and Grand Master (Mastership).

Within us is the soul of the whole, the wise silence, the universal beauty, the eternal One.

In the Third Degree class, you will receive the Reiki Level III – A attunement, and a comprehensive Level III – A Manual. And you need to purchase crystals for your crystal Reiki grid.


Following are the contents included in First Level course of Reiki:

Details of the USUI master symbol
Teaching of Master symbol
Advanced techniques of using Reiki
The fourth original shirushi (symbol) and usage and spiritual description
Practice using the Usui master symbol for treatments.
Introduction to two Tibetan symbols
Advanced Reiki meditations
Reiki moving meditation
Reiki meditation for manifesting goals
Anthakarna meditation
Detailed explanation of all symbols
Violet breath
Healing attunement
Meditation with 6 symbols
Grounding and balancing
Other powerful techniques of energy creation like crystal, pyramid and their use.
Reiki grid for 24 hours continuous healing for any issue whether financial, emotional, mental, psychological.
Creating a Reiki crystal grid to continuously transmit healing energy for specific purposes
How to deepen your work with your Reiki guides
The values and spiritual orientation of a true Reiki Master
Manifesting with Reiki
Psychic surgery (removal of stones from body without operations)
Contracting the Hui yin
Learning how to do a healing attunement
Attunement for Reiki Level – III A
Initiation of level III – A
Procedure of attunement 1st, 2nd, IIIA levels
A comprehensive Manual is also given to each student

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