Reiki Second Level

Reiki Level – II is for people who have completed Reiki Level – I after acquiring deep knowledge of Reiki System. Practitioners who wish to receive and want to learn Reiki for professionals to learn the Reiki symbols to: Enhance your Healing Power, Build Connection with Guides, Strengthen your Intuition & Gain Skills for Success, symbols revealed by Dr. Usui and want to learn how to send Distant Healing. Reiki Level – II is usually learnt as part of a group to enable practice together.

Okuden is a Japanese word meaning 'inner teachings'. As the word implies a deeper understanding and connection to Mikao Usui’s teachings is achieved during this course. Reiki Level – II focuses and intensifies Reiki Level – I energy. The second degree is for everyone, not just those who want to develop a formal Reiki practice. Reiki Level – II enables you to co-create with the Universe. Reiki Level – II as a whole boosts your healing ability from a 110 current to a 220 power current. You will learn Level – II symbols and techniques including the mental/emotional treatment, and the absent and distance healing treatments. Additionally, Japanese Reiki techniques are taught to assist you in your spiritual growth even further.

This level teaches how to connect to different Reiki energies, through the practice of symbols. Using the Second Reiki symbol, you will learn to do the mental/emotional treatment; this technique enables you to access your cellular memory to release gently psychological and emotional issues and to reprogram your cells with positive, healing statements. You will also learn how the absent/long distance healing technique; this technique empowers you to do Reiki on someone who is not present. Distant healing is one of the major benefits of working in this manner and is naturally practiced in this training. Using absent Reiki on yourself, you gain objectivity by being the witness of your issues and more easily gaining mastery over them.

Second degree Reiki leads you to the deeper understanding of the ancient method of Reiki healing. Here, you won't just be able to heal diseases right on. You will be able to transcend time and space with your healing powers as well. You will also be introduced to the sacred symbols of Reiki at this level, which you can use to develop your awareness of self, healing others, and helping them with their lives as much as you improve yours.

After completing Reiki Level – II, the student is expected to give themselves daily treatments. This continues the energetic clearing initiated during the training. As a student’s awareness grows so does their ability to support others. Treating clients professionally is discussed during Reiki Level – II training. The Institute offers full support to students in the form of Reiki Shares with the availability of a Master teacher or Master Teacher student whenever possible, and private sessions by appointment whenever necessary. There is also the chance to practice treating clients at Reiki Clinics where Reiki is performed under the supervision of an Institute Reiki Teacher or Teacher student.

During the Second Level of Reiki training, the flow of Reiki energy within you intensifies. You can further enhance your abilities through the use of the great Reiki symbols bestowed upon you. Distance healing or planetary healing becomes possible. As such, you can possibly heal another person even if they are ten thousand miles away from you. Furthermore, you will be able to improve your self-healing abilities as well as your spiritual and personal growth. You may be qualified to practice Reiki on others after the second degree of Reiki training.

In the Second Degree class, you will receive the Reiki Level – II attunement, and a comprehensive Level – II Manual.

“Judgment is the way of right, wrong, good, bad brings about separation. One of the best ways to enhance your ability as a healer is to remain in a state of non-judgment.”


Following are the contents included in First Level course of Reiki:

3 powerful symbols to increase the healing capacity
How to say, draw and use the first symbol
How to use and heal through 3 powerful Reiki symbols
Training on symbol usage allows you to work on life issues in a much more powerful way, often develops your intuition & connection with your guides
How to clear Energy Fields
More about Chakras
More about Aura
About Aura’s clearing process with symbols
Clearing yourself, others and surroundings
Protecting yourself, your family, cash, car, home or anything of value
Use of crystals in healing process
Healing addictions
Goal achievement
How to scan and heal the chakras
The 21 day cleansing process
Past and future healing
Distant Time-altered Healing method
Group healing method
Meditations for healing & guidance
Special techniques for Level – II
Initiation Level – II
A comprehensive Manual is also given to each student

What are the requirements to taking Second Degree Reiki?

The prerequisite to learn Second Degree Reiki is the completion of Level – I Reiki by a qualified Reiki Master Teacher. If you have not been trained at Taproot Healing Institute, you will be required to demonstrate that you have adequate experience with Reiki – I foundation principles. Additionally, you need to have at least 21 days of treating yourself with Reiki – I energy before you take Reiki – II.

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