Reiki Level-1 In Delhi

reiki level-1 in delhiReiki Level–I in Delhi is for those new to Reiki, wishing to heal oneself in a new and profound ways; and/or help friends and family improve their health & wellness. Shoden is the Japanese word for 'first teaching' as this is the first step one takes in the ongoing journey toward self-realization through Reiki. By studying Level I Reiki, you are taking the initial step of initiation into a sacred and powerful Japanese healing practice. First degree lays the necessary groundwork in creating the open channel for Reiki to flow. The First degree initiation includes the first attunement. Each attunement is directed at raising the vibration frequency of your energy field and activating the energy centers in your body. Reiki Level – I is considered the introductory level to developing therapeutic Reiki skills. This level is ideal for any individual desiring to achieve an advanced level of higher consciousness.

During this class, you will learn how to use the simple and natural method of healing that treats the whole system—yourself, others, plants, animals, the earth and the universe. The energy transfer will vitalize your body’s cells. By the end of a Reiki treatment, all body systems (glands, blood supply, nerves, and organs) are operating in a stronger and more sup portative way. Delivery of the energy is standardized. Reiki energy is transferred throughout the body in three patterns: the first pattern covers the front of the torso, the second pattern is applied to the head and neck, and the third pattern covers the back. The Reiki practitioner need not know anatomical details, although continued learning is encouraged.

This is the beginning level. The training includes powerful and sacred First Degree activating initiations, REIKI First Degree is the basic level of training that gives a student an understanding of how the system came into being, the external form of the system, how to facilitate healing for oneself, loved ones, and others. This is the entry-level training to the system. With this teaching one can reestablish balance in the Four Aspects of their Being, commonly known as physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions. Energy is challenging to comprehend in all its complexities. While reading is helpful for intellectual comprehension, the actual experience itself teaches you. Therefore, the class is a combination of lecture, discussion and experience. Traditional Japanese Reiki techniques are taught and practiced to build on this energetic knowledge and to aid your own healing process. Reiki is a spiritual practice that is developed with the application of these techniques. Above all, self-healing is the focus of Reiki. During this powerful experiential one-day training, you learn how to transmit Reiki energy to yourself. A wonderful result of this personal awareness is that you will also be able to facilitate healing in others. Both uses are simple, straightforward and effective. Reiki is a way of achieving harmony and balance.

In the First Degree class, you will receive the Reiki Level–I in Delhi attunement, and a comprehensive Level I Manual.

“The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself."


Following are the contents included in First Level course of Reiki:

What are the requirements to taking First Degree Reiki?

The only requirement to learn First Degree Reiki is a sincere desire to further your own evolutionary process.

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