Functioning of Reiki :

Reiki “Life Force Energy” is constructive, its work is to re-construct the cells in the body, maintaining the function of Physical organs, veins, thoughts, and movements, etc. In this competitive world, due to extra stress, physical work or any kind of bad habits even over eating, low quality food, polluted water, air increases the consumption of energy and Reiki can make it normal. The energy can’t reach in our body from head to toe, which further causes deficiency of energy that is the root cause of chronic diseases, confusions, illusion, weak memory and lack of understanding in each other. When anyone learns Reiki, the master opens his energy centers. Energy travels forcefully in the body and removes blockages, clears mind that is necessary for healthy, wealthy and prosperous life.

Who can learn it :

Everyone can learn Reiki. NO BAR of age, cast, religion or education. No physical labor, no need for blind faith, just desire and devotion is required.

Benefits of Reiki :
  • Reiki is constructive therapy that has no side effect.
  • Reiki does not need any tools; it is applied by hands only.
  • Reiki improves Aura to protect from negative thoughts.
  • Reiki improves memory and concentration power.
  • Reiki removes mental stress.
  • Reiki removes all kinds of ailments from the root cause.
  • Reiki heals the mental, emotional and physical levels bringing health wealth and prosperity.
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