The Aura: Reiki Aura Shield

reiki aura colors Human civilization has been aware of the aura for thousands of years. Although the auras vary in description, mystics and psychics have incorporated the aura into their spiritual and medicinal practices.

What is the Human Aura?

This question is frequently asked by the people of occultism by someone who has heard the term but who is unfamiliar with its meaning. Simple as the question may seem, it is by no means easy to answer it plainly and clearly in a few words unless the hearer already has a general acquaintance with the subject of occult science.
A human being is not merely skin and bone. We know that we have intelligence and that we are conscious of our own existence (called consciousness). We have a field of energy surrounding us that is generated by the 'machinery' of our functioning body. This is the aura.
The dictionaries define the word aura as: "Any subtle, invisible emanation or exhalation." The English authorities, as a rule, attribute the origin of the word to a Latin term meaning "air," but the Hindu authorities insist that it had its origin in the Sanskrit root at, meaning the spoke of a wheel, the significance being perceived when we remember the fact that the human aura radiates from the body of the individual in a manner similar to the radiation of the spokes of a wheel from the hub thereof. The Sanskrit origin of the term is the one preferred by occultists, although it will be seen that the idea of an aerial emanation, indicated by the Latin root, is not foreign to the real significance of the term.

Be the real origin of the term what it may, the idea of the human aura is one upon which all occultists are in full agreement and harmony, and the mention of which is found in all works upon the general subject of occultism. So we shall begin by a consideration of the main conception thereof, as held by all advanced occultists, ancient and modern, omitting little points of theoretical variance between the different ways.
Briefly, then, the human aura may be described as a fine, ethereal radiation or emanation surrounding each and every living human being. It extends from two to three feet, in all directions, from the body. It assumes an oval shape--a great egg-shaped nebula surrounding the body on all sides for a distance of two or three feet. This aura is sometimes referred to, in ordinary terms, as the "psychic atmosphere" of a person, or as his "magnetic atmosphere."
We live in a sea of energy. Everything is energy. Matter is nothing more than energy vibrating at a very low and fixed rate in a cohesive pattern. The human body is simply a complex network of energy patterns which interact with each other and with other energy patterns.
The body is composed of energy vibrating at certain rates, existing in a specific form, solid matter. Everything vibrates. This concept is nothing new to Hermeticists and other practitioners of the magical arts; it has been known for many thousands of years. Western science has only recently progressed to a point where it understands that everything vibrates.
All matter, regardless of size, produces a magnetic field. Magnetism is a form of energy. The human body, being comprised of compressed energy, has mass and therefore a magnetic field.
The human body also has another important characteristic: it is comprised of a series of electro- chemical reactions. For example, respiration (breathing) is a chemical reaction. Signals to cause muscles to contract and release are carried through electrical signals. Information is transferred throughout the nervous system by a series of electro-chemical reactions.
Energy is neither created nor destroyed, only the form changes. Since the human body has mass it produces a magnetic field. In addition, the body is driven by a series of electro-chemical reactions. The interaction of the resulting fields (electric and magnetic) combines to form what Western science now terms, "The Bio-Energetic Field".
The bio-energetic field surrounds the body and varies in strength and density. It has been measured to extend between an inch and three feet from the body. Magical traditions have long known of the existence of the energy field which surrounds the body and have discovered it uses. This field, known to many traditions for long periods of time, is called The Aura.
The Aura is the energy field which surrounds our body and interacts with forces within our environment. This energy field has several different functions. The aura regulates the amount of energy within our system, it serves as an advanced contact system with other energy fields, it can be used in the diagnosis and treatment of illness, it can be strengthened to provide a means of defense, it can be used to extend your awareness and make you invisible and can even be used in an offensive manner if the need arises. These are but a few functions of the aura.
The aura has been visible to those with the "sight" as long as people have possessed this ability. The auras of some people have been visible to those without the "sight". These cases usually involved people who were filled with energy or very passionate about something. Strong emotion tends to strengthen the aura and can make it visible to the untrained eye, especially when observed against a dark background.
reiki aura shield An aura is an extension of the physical human body. It is the circle of light discharge we emanate as a field of light and colors. This circle of light is as excitable, reactionary and alive as we are. If we change drastically, it changes drastically. If we are rooted and balanced, the aura reflects this balance in its shape and colors. The origins of the aura are rooted in mystery; no one can prove why it is exists or from where it comes.
It is still a measurable force. Some individuals are born with the ability to see the aura. These people are known as initiatives, or psychics. In the modern age we have tools to measure this electromagnetic light.
And it is still a mysterious force. Its meaning is not as straightforward as, for instance, the actions of the beating heart or gesturing hand. The way we perceive the aura’s meaning changes along with our cultural, religious and philosophical beliefs. So the aura can be thought of as a connection between what we can see and what we cannot. It is a force that exists in both the spirit and reality.
The Human Aura is made up of seven main Human auras’ which extend up to four feet from the Human body. This aura’s all occupy the same space at the same time, each Human aura extending out further than the previous aura. All Human auras are interconnected and reliant on the others for normal function.
The Astral Human Aura extends about eight to twelve inches from the Physical Body and appears as brightly colored rainbow clouds. The Astral Human Aura is the bridge between the Physical World and the Spiritual World.
The Celestial Human Aura extends about twenty four inches from the Human Physical Body and appears as a brighter shimmering light of pastel colors. This is the level of feelings within the World of our Spirit. Here we communicate with all the beings of the Spiritual World.
The Emotional Human Aura extends about two to four inches from the Physical body and appears as rainbow colored clouds. This Human aura is associated with feelings. Positive feelings generally create bright colors, where as negative feelings generally create dark colors. Problems in this aura will eventually lead to problems in the first and third auras.
The Etheric Human Aura extends about two inches out from the Physical Body and is usually a shade of blue in Colour. The shade of the blue relates to the physical condition and health of the Human Physical Body. Athletes have strong Etheric Auras of a deeper blue in shade. In the Etheric Human Aura you feel all the sensations, both pain and pleasure. Whenever there is pain the flow of energy in that Area of the Etheric is erratic.
The Ketheric Template Aura extends about thirty six to forty eight inches from the Human Physical Body and appears as an extremely bright golden light that is rapidly pulsating. This Aura takes on the form of a golden egg that surrounds and protects everything within it.
The Mental Human Aura extends about four to eight inches from the Physical Body and is usually a bright shade of yellow in Colour. Within this Human Aura are our thoughts and mental processes. The more active our thinking processes the brighter our mental Human aura becomes. Within this Human Aura can be found thought forms.
The Etheric Template Human Aura extends about twelve to twenty four inches from the Human Physical Body and appears as a blue print form. There is an empty groove in the Etheric Human Aura into which the Etheric Human Aura fits. The Etheric Template Aura holds the Etheric Human Aura in place. It is the template for the etheric dimension.
There are five parts of an aura: health, vital, karmic, character, and spiritual nature.
Health Aura: The Health Aura is known as being almost colorless, but becomes more radiant. It is composed of many straight lines radiating evenly in all directions from the body.
Vital Aura: Vital Auras are said to be controlled by the will. It is seen first as a rosy tint which then grows into a bluish tint once it reaches the outer astral body.
Karmic Aura: This is the mirror in which every feeling and every desire is reflected. This is seen represented by many colors constantly changing. An outburst of anger will charge the aura with deep red flashes on a dark background. Sudden terror with change the aura's color to a ghastly grey.
Character Aura: This Aura is said to hold all of the keys to past lives and to your own personality. I am not sure on what color this aura is said to be. And personally, I have never seen it before. BUT...they say this Aura is important for something, so that is why it is listed.
Spiritual Nature Aura: Most of the time this Aura is not seen, even by those whom can usually see auras. It is said that only those who hold the power of nature can see it. It outshines all of the other Auras with a startling brilliancy.

How Reiki affects the Aura?

Before a Reiki attunement a person’s aura might normally only extend a few decimeters outside the persons body. The attunement strengthens the aura and gives a permanent aura of about 2 -3 meters. At the same time the consciousness, the inner strength and the ability to intuitively see what needs to be changed in order to achieve maximum health is increased. Through the Reiki attunement and the strengthening of the aura you get the tool to take control over your life and development.
During a Reiki treatment not only the organs and the energy flow within the body are affecting but also the different bodies of the aura are affected. When using distance healing or the mental/emotional symbol the aura seems to be more affected than the actual organs in the body.

Protecting the Aura

One might be exposed to negative energies anywhere but the chances of exposure become far too great when you move around in public places. You might come across any type of person or object that could have the capability (stronger aura than yours) to affect your aura and pass negative energy. Since it is nearly impossible to identify such energies instantaneously in advance and avoid them, it would be better to keep oneself protected. There is a way to keep the aura protected against negative energies. It hardly takes few minutes to do so. One should make it a habit to protect the aura before leaving the house in the morning and keep it protected till return. However, please remember that such protection is not against physical phenomenon like hitting your knee against a table etc. The protection is against undesirable energies not against the physical objects.
Your Reiki teacher would teach you the technique. Remind them in case they forget. I teach this to my students during their Reiki training with me.

Seeing and Treating Human Aura

Seeing the Aura

Ordinarily Aura cannot be seen by naked eyes. It can be seen through special techniques using colored screens and filters or radionic cameras. Kirlian photography is one of the techniques of taking photographs of etheric energy patters around living things. A Russian researcher, Semyon Kirlian invented this technique in the 1940s. It is based on the concept that when an object has a high frequency electrical field around it and is grounded, a spark takes place between the object and the electrode. A special camera captures this phenomenon. The picture thus taken shows beautiful colors and patterns around the object, which are according to its energy patterns or aura.
One can develop the ability to see aura through practice. Once a person develops his/her third eye, he/she can see the aura easily without the help of any instrument etc. This makes it convenient to judge the behavior and character of a person before beginning to deal with him but remember that it is a tricky matter. Developing the ability to see the aura has its own merits and demerits. Before you begin practicing, you must ask yourself if it is necessary for you to develop this ability.

Treating the Aura

The diseases first manifest in the aura. Therefore, it is always beneficial to treat the aura during a Reiki treatment session. It is not necessary to see the aura for treatment. Treating the aura would mean treating the body but if you wish to treat the body in addition to treating the aura, there is no harm to it.
Let the person lie on a treatment table as for usual Reiki healing session. Bring your hands above the body by an inch or so (not touching the body) and slowly move your hands starting from the head towards the feet as if you are giving Reiki to the aura. Once you are done with the front of the body, repeat the same for the back. This time the person shall be lying on stomach. This technique is especially beneficial when the body of the recipient is not to be touched for some reason. With some practice, you can also use this technique to scan the body.

The Meaning of Colors

Color can be constructive or destructive. It can stimulate or depress, repel or attract. It can even be male or female in its character. It can reflect positive or negative, and when perceived within the aura it provides a key to the personality, moods, maturity and health of the individual. It reflects physical and spiritual aspects.
It takes a great deal of practice to interpret the color shades seen within the aura. Each color has its general characteristic, but each shade of that color changes that characteristic a little. The location of the color, the intensity and even the from the color takes in the auric field must be considered.
This text is providing all of the subtle nuances of color interpretation within the auric field. You will examine basic colors and the energies they commonly indicate on physical and other levels. This gives you a starting point to begin to understand what is revealed by the colors of the aura.
The colors closest to the body reflect aspects of the individual's physical condition. They also indicate those energies manifesting and energies further away often indicate the energy that the person will be able to determine time elements of certain energy patterns by the color and the location of the color with respect to the physical body.
There are many different colors of the human aura. The list of colors below gives a brief description of each main color.
AQUA – The person is a healer.
BLACK – This color aura shows up in abused children, divorcees, people addicted to drugs and victims of torture.
PALE BLUE – A sensitive person will display a pale blue aura.
SKY BLUE – A person with strong natural instincts.
COBALT BLUE – This person has intuition coming from a higher source.
PRUSSIAN BLUE – This aura color represents harmony.
ROYAL BLUE – This aura color appears when people have found their path in life.
DELFT BLUE – This person has a strong ethical foundation.
ULTRAMARINE – This aura color is seen in people who spend a lot of time around the ocean.
NAVY BLUE – Moving in a methodical, safe way.
INDIGO – This person will have well adapted psychic abilities.
AMBER – Represents a person with personal courage and strength.
CARAMEL – This aura color is seen when a person is making positive career moves.
COPPER – This aura color only shows up in people who are in the mining business.
RAW SIENNA – When people have problems thinking clearly.
FAWN – One is experiencing are ending with a problem.
DOESKIN – People who are very organized show this aura color.
MUSHROOM – You are fulfilling you destiny, but slowly.
CHOCOLATE BROWN – People who work with the earth.
RUSSET–BROWN – A person who works very hard.
TERRA–COTTA – People who go against the grain.
DARK BROWN – Someone who has common sense.
GOLD – The person exist higher level of consciousness.
PALE GREEN – A person who is advancing spiritually has a pale green aura.
LEMON GREEN – Found in people who are liars and cheats
APPLE GREEN – People with this color aura are healers.
IRIDESCENT GREEN – This color aura shows up in friendly people.
EMERALD GREEN – The solution to a problem is coming.
JADE – A person with this color aura is charitable.
VIRIDIAN – A person suffering from mental or emotional stress.
OLIVE GREEN – This color aura indicates a scrooge.
DARK GREEN – A dark green aura shows someone is suffering from mental stress.
TURQUOISE – This color aura are in people who have gone from rags to riches.
GRAY – A gray aura means people feel trapped.
CHARCOAL GRAY – When someone is suffering from depression.
APRICOT – Communication in a caring manner.
ORANGE – A person with this aura has strong motivation.
PUMPKIN – A pumpkin aura represents self control.
PALE PINK – True love is represented with a pale pink aura.
PINK MADDER – A person who has strong loyalty and commitment.
SALMON PINK – This color aura is from people who love what they do for work.
IRIDESCENT PINK – Someone who has a strong sexual desire.
DUSTY PINK – Foolish people display this color aura.
LAVENDER – People who have had an out of body experience display this color aura.
LILAC – A person who is spiritual balanced.
MAGENTA – The entrepreneur’s aura color.
MAUVE – Displayed in humble people.
IMPERIAL PURPLE – This aura color shows up in people with a very active dream life.
GRAPE – A grape aura is the color of laziness.
VIOLET – Humble people show the violet aura color.
CARMINE – You see this aura color when people are trying to change something in their life.
VERMILLION – Creative people.
RUSTIC RED – A person with a short temper shows this aura color.
SCARLET RED – Big ego.
CRIMSON – A person with this aura color is naturally creative.
MAROON – A person who is self empowered.
CLARET – A person who is determined has a claret aura.
SILVER – A silver aura represents the link between earth and the spirit world.
CREAM – A person who is going the right way in life.
PEARL – A true psychic will show a pearl aura.
PALE YELLOW – A shy person.
PRIMROSE – A person who is optimistic will show this color aura.
LEMON YELLOW – This aura color indicates a person knows where they are going in life.
BUTTERCUP YELLOW – Someone who is focused on doing something.
GOLDEN YELLOW – A person who is inspired.
MUSTARD – Mustard aura’s come from manipulative people.
STRAW YELLOW – People who like to day dream.

Aura Color Meanings

RED AURA COLOR MEANING: Relates to the Root chakra, physical body, or circulation. The densest color, it creates the most friction. Friction attracts or repels; money worries or obsessions; anger or unforgiveness; anxiety or nervousness
Deep Red: Grounded, realistic, active, strong will-power, survival-oriented.
Muddied red: Anger (repelling)

Clear red: Powerful, energetic, competitive, sexual, and passionate
Pink-bright and light: Loving, tender, sensitive, sensual, artistic, affection, purity, compassion; new or revived romantic relationship. Can indicate clairaudience.
Dark and murky pink: Immature and/or dishonest nature
Orange Red: Confidence, creative power
In a good, bright and pure state, red energy can serve as a healthy ego.
ORANGE AURA COLOR: Relates to sacral chakra, reproductive organs and emotions. The color of vitality, vigor, good health and excitement. Lots of energy and stamina, creative, productive, adventurous, courageous, outgoing social nature; currently experiencing stress related to appetites and addictions;
Orange-Yellow: Creative, intelligent, detail oriented, perfectionist, scientific.
YELLOW AURA COLOR MEANING: Relates to the solar plexus chakra, spleen and life energy. It is the color of joy, happiness, free from worries, inspiration, intelligence and action shared, creative, playful, optimistic, and easy-going.
Light or pale yellow: Emerging psychic and spiritual awareness; optimism and hopefulness; positive excitement about new ideas.
Bright lemon-yellow: Struggling to maintain power and control in a personal or business relationship; fear of losing control, prestige, respect, and/or power.
Clear gold metallic, shiny and bright: Spiritual energy and power activated and awakened; an inspired person.
Dark brownish yellow or gold: A student, or one who is straining at studying; overly analytical to the point of feeling fatigued or stressed; trying to make up for “lost time” by learning everything all at once.
GREEN AURA COLOR MEANING: Relates to heart chakra and lungs. It is a very comfortable, healthy color of nature. When seen in the aura this usually represents growth and balance, and most of all, something that leads to change. Love of people, animals, nature; teacher; social
Bright emerald green: A healer, also a love-centered person

Yellow-Green: Creative with heart, communicative

Dark or muddy forest green: Jealousy, resentment, feeling like a victim of the world; blaming self or others; insecurity and low self-esteem; lack of understanding personal responsibility; sensitive to perceived criticism
Turquoise: Relates to the immune system. Sensitive, compassionate, healer, therapist.
BLU AURA COLOR MEANING: Relates to the throat chakra, thyroid. Cool, calm, and collected. Caring, loving, love to help others, sensitive, intuitive.
Soft blue: Peacefulness, clarity and communication; truthful; intuitive
Bright royal blue: Clairvoyant; highly spiritual nature; generous; on the right path; new opportunities are coming
Dark or muddy blue: Fear of the future; fear of self-expression; fear of facing or speaking the truth
INDIGO AURA COLOR MEANING: Relates to the third eye chakra, visual and pituitary gland. Intuitive, sensitive, deep feeling.
VIOLET AURA COLOR MEANING: Relates to crown chakra, pineal gland and nervous system. The most sensitive and wisest of colors. This is the intuitive color in the aura, and reveals psychic power of attunement with self. Intuitive, visionary, futuristic, idealistic, artistic, magical.
LAVENDER AURA COLOR MEANING: Imagination, visionary, daydreamer, etheric.
SILVER AURA COLOR MEANING: This is the color of abundance, both spiritual and physical. Lots of bright silver can reflect to plenty of money, and/or awakening of the cosmic mind.
Bright metallic silver: Receptive to new ideas; intuitive; nurturing
Dark and muddy gray: Residue of fear is accumulating in the body, with a potential for health problems, especially if gray clusters seen in specific areas of the body
GOLD AURA COLOR MEANING: The color of enlightenment and divine protection. When seen within the aura, it says that the person is being guided by their highest good. It is divine guidance. Protection, wisdom, inner knowledge, spiritual mind, intuitive thinker.
BLACK AURA COLOR MEANING: Draws or pulls energy to it and in so doing, transforms it. It captures light and consumes it. Usually indicates long-term unforgiveness (toward others or another) collected in a specific area of the body, which can lead to health problems; also, entitities within a person’s aura, chakras, or body; past life hurts; unreleased grief from abortions if it appears in the ovaries
WHITE AURA COLOR MEANING: Reflects other energy. A pure state of light. Often represents a new, not yet designated energy in the aura. Spiritual, etheric and non-physical qualities, transcendent, higher dimensions. Purity and truth; angelic qualities.
White sparkles or flashes of white light: angels are nearby; can indicate that the person is pregnant or will be soon
EARTH AURA COLORS: Soil, wood, mineral, plant. These colors display a love of the Earth, of being grounded and is seen in those who live and work on the outdoors….construction, farming, etc. These colors are important and are a good sign.
RAINBOWS: Rainbow-colored stripes, sticking out like sunbeams from the hand, head or body: A Reiki healer, or a star person (someone who is in the first incarnation on Earth)
PASTELS: A sensitive blend of light and color, more so than basic colors. Shows sensitivity and a need for serenity.
DIRTY BROWN OVERLAY: Holding on to energies. Insecurity.
DIRTY GRAY OVERLY: Blocking energies. Guardedness.

The Rainbow Colors


Red is the color of strong energy, fire and primal creative force. It is the life-promoting energy. It is hot. It can indicate strong passion, mind and will. It is a dynamic color that can reflect anger, love, hate and unexpected changes. It can indicate new birth and transmutation.
It is a color that affects the circulatory system of the body, the reproductive system (sexual energy) and an awakening of latent abilities and talents. Too much red or muddiness can reflect over stimulation, inflammation or imbalance. It may reflect nervousness, temper, aggression, impulsiveness or excitement. Red is the color of a person who is preoccupied with their physical body, and whose thoughts dwell on material desires


Orange is the color of warmth, creativity and emotions. It is an indication of courage, joy and social ness. It is a color which can reflect an opening of new awareness-especially to the subtle realms (the astral plane) of life.
Depending on the shade, it can also indicate emotional imbalances and agitation. Some of the muddier shades of orange can reflect pride and flamboyance. It may reflect worry and vanity. Orange is a sign of power, and a desire to control people. It can also be inspiring, and can contribute to a yellow halo for a person who has a strong spiritual inclination. Spiritual leaders have this combination.


Yellow is one of the first and the easiest aura colors to be seen. Pale yellow around the hairline can indicate optimism. Yellow is the color of mental activity and new sunshine. It can reflect new learning opportunities, lightness, wisdom and intellect. The more pastel shades often reflect wisdom and intellect. The more pastel shades often reflect an enthusiasm for something (especially in the pale yellow to white spectrum). Yellow is a color which represents the power of ideas and awakening psychic abilities and clairsentience.

Deeper and muddier shades of yellow can reflect excessive thinking and analyzing. It can reflect being overly critical, feeling of being deprived of recognition and being dogmatic. Yellow is a joyful color, the color of a true free spirit. These people are very generous- they are not attached to anything. A yellow halo is a sign of a true spiritual teacher- Jesus, Buddha and the saints all had large, bright yellow auras around their heads. It indicates a person who has found enlightenment.


Green is the color of sensitivity and growing compassion. It reflects growth, sympathy and calm. It can reflect a person who is reliable, dependable and open-minded. Bright green moving toward the blue spectrum in the aura indicates healing ability. It is a color of abundance, strength and friendliness.

The muddier or darker shades of green can reflect uncertainty and miserliness. The muddier shades often reflect jealousy and possessiveness as well. It can indicate self-doubt and mistrust. Green is restful, a natural healing energy. All healers should have green auras, they make great doctors! Just being around a person with a strong green aura feels restful and healing. These folks also have a green thumb, and can make anything grow.


Blue, next to yellow, is one of the easiest colors to see in the aura. It is the color of calm and quietness. It reflects devotion, truth and seriousness. It can indicate the ability for clairaudience and for the development of telepathy.

The lighter shades of blue reflect an active imagination and good intuition. The deeper shades of blue can indicate a sense of loneliness, which on one level reflects a life-long quest foe the Divine. The deeper shades of blue reflect levels of devotion. Royal blue shades indicate the person has found or is about to find his or her chosen work.

The muddier shades of blue can reflect blocked perceptions. They can indicate melancholy, rushing and worrying, domineering, fearfulness, forgetfulness and oversensitivity. Blue indicates a person leading a balanced existence, one who feels at ease and is stress free. Blue is a very desirable color for an aura. Blue flashes can also indicate when a person is receiving or sending clairvoyant communication.

Violet and Purple

Violet is the color of warmth and transmutation. It is the color for the blending of the heart and the mind, the physical with the spiritual. It reflects independence and intuition, as well as dynamic and important dream activity. It can reflect one who is searching. The purple shades often reflect an ability to handle affairs with practicality and worldliness. The paler and lighter shades of violet and purple can reflect humility and spirituality. The red-purple shades can indicate great passion strength of will. They may also reflect a need for greater individual effort.

The darker and muddier shades can reflect a need to overcome something. They can also reflect intense erotic imaginations as well. Tendencies toward being overbearing, needing sympathy and feeling misunderstood are also reflected in muddier shades. Purple indicates spiritual thoughts. Purple only appears as flames and flashes, since truly spiritual thoughts only come as flashes and flames of consciousness. Turquoise indicates a very dynamic person, very energetic and capable of influencing others. These people are very organized and goal oriented. They make fantastic managers, are generally very popular with their employees.

Other Colors of the Aura


Pink is a color of compassion, love and purity. It can reflect joy and comfort and a strong sense of companionship. When seen in the aura, it can indicate the quiet, modest type of individual, along with a love of art and beauty.

Depending on the shade of pink, it can also reflect an immaturity, especially the muddier shades. It can reflect truthfulness or a lack of it. It can also reflect times of new love and new vision.


Gold is a color that reflects dynamic spiritual energy and a true coming into one's own power. It reflects the higher energies of devotion and great inspiration. It indicates a time of revitalizing.

Muddier shades of gold can indicate the person is still in the process of awakening higher inspiration and has not clarified it yet within his/her life. It reflects the alchemical process still being active; i.e.' the person is still working to turn the lead of his/her life into gold.


White is often seen in the aura, prior to any actual colors. It is often seen as diaphanous shades. White has all colors within it, and when it does appear strongly within the aura, it is often in conjunction with other colors. This is how you can know whether it is an actual energy color or just a poor perception of the aura. When the white does stand out as a color in the aura, it reflects truth and purity. It indicates that the energy of the individual is cleansing and purifying itself. It often reflects an awakening of greater creativity as well.


Gray is a color of initiation. It can indicate a movement toward unveiling innate abilities. Those shades of gray that lean more toward the silver reflect an awakening of the feminine energies. Those are the energies and abilities of illumination, intuition and creative imagination.

The darker shades of gray can indicate physical imbalances, especially if seen next to specific areas of the physical body. They can also indicate a need to leave no task undone. Much gray in the aura can indicate a person who is secretive and who is the lone wolf type.


Brown often appears in the auric field. Although many people think of as reflecting a lack of energy or an imbalance, this is not always so. Brown is the color of the earth. When it shown itself in the aura, especially in areas above the head and around the feel, it can reflect new growth. It indicates establishing new roots and a desire to accomplish. It is a color that can reflect industry and organization.

On the other hand, brown across the face or touching the head may indicate a lack of and need for discrimination. It seen in the areas of the chakras, it can indicate that those centers need to be cleaned. It will reflect in such cases a clogging of their energies. Brown is often difficult to interpret, as it can easily reflect problem areas in the physical, but you must be careful about jumping to conclusions when you see it. Feedback from the other person is the best means of understanding it.


Black is one of the most confusing of colors in the auric spectrum. I have heard individuals say that, when black shows up in the aura, it is an indication of death or terrible disease. I have not found that to be true.
Black is a color of protection. It is a color which can shield an individual from outside energies. When seen in the aura, it can reflect that the person is protecting himself or herself. It can also indicate that person has secrets. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as it is not taken to extremes. Black can also indicate that a new understanding of burdens and sacrifices is going to manifest.
Black can also indicate imbalances. Physical imbalances often show up as black or darkened areas in the aura around the physical body. The location provides clues to this. In the outer edges of the aura, black can indicate holes in the auric field. I have seen this in the auras of those who were victims of child abuse and those who are or were strong substance abusers (alcohol, drugs, tobacco etc.).

Silver Twinkle

Another aspect that I have observed should be mentioned. I have often seen within the aura what look to be soft, twinkling lights. They are usually very sparkly and silver in color. I have found that they indicate one of several things. These "twinkles'" as I call them, are almost always a sign of great creativity and fertility. When they appear within the auric field of a person, it indicates that greater creativity is being activated within the individual's life.

Balancing and Energizing the Chakras and Aura

To maintain proper health and a healthy aura we need to balance the energy of our chakras at times. With the everyday stress of life our system can get out of alignment and while it usually will eventually return to the normal state we can greatly help it along. Reiki is one of great method to balance and heal your chakras.
ALWAYS CLOSE YOUR CHAKRAS AFTER ENERGIZING! Never leave your chakras wide open. This WILL cause extreme physical distress and illness. It will also cause harm to your energy system.
The chakras have three main functions in relation to the aura and the auric bodies
(1) Energize each auric body
(2) Develop different aspects of the consciousness
(3) Regulate the flow of energy between the auric layers.

The Auric Layers with respect to each Chakra

The first auric layer is the Etheric layer. The etheric layer is closest to the body and fits nearly like a second skin. It has a definite size and shape. Generally, it extends from 1/4 of an inch to two inches from the body. Lines of energy are readily seen in this section of the aura since it is most closely linked to the physical body. It usually appears to "sight" as a blue or gray light or haze.
The second auric layer is the Emotional body. This layer deals with emotions, emotions with us and emotions we have for other people. The emotional layer is often seen as a swirling mass of energy about the body. The form pretty much approximates the human shape but is not as defined as the etheric layer. In fact, each layer out becomes less and less structured as a physical person.
The third auric layer is the mental layer. This is the layer of thought and ideas. The layer where concepts are fashioned into reality. It usually is most visible around the head and shoulders as a yellowish light. It is in this layer that thought and ideas actually become substantial.
The fourth auric layer is the astral layer. The astral layer marks the division between the physical layers and the higher layers. This layer is responsible for interaction between people. It is the layer of love and of relationship. Emotional bonds are formed on this layer.
The fifth auric layer is the Etheric Template. This body is a copy of the physical body on a higher level. It is the "master" copy for the Etheric body to model itself after.
The sixth auric layer is the Celestial body. It is the body of emotional level on the spiritual plane. Through this layer we are able to commune with Spirit. It is the level of unconditional love and trust.
The seventh auric layer is the Ketheric Template, also known as the Causal Body. This is the mental layer of the spiritual level. Through this layer we can become one with the Spirit. Through this layer we can access the akashic records and delve into our past lives. It is the layer of true connectedness to the higher planes.
Each one of the auric layers is governed by a specific chakra but all the chakras exist on all layers. So, since there are seven auric layers, there are a total of 56 chakras manifesting on all seven layers and the physical body. While all of this detail seems overwhelming, it is more for information. When working with the aura most people generally work with the overall aura or energy field as opposed to a specific section. This is not to say that such detail is not needed. People who have mastered the use of the auric layers can accomplish miraculous things. However, this does not mean that the "average" person can not also work and do wonderful things with the aura.

Aura Movement and Change - a Life’s Journey

Like any other part of your life, your aura has the ability to change, even drastically. Your aura may also be very stable. Even the most stable auras have minor changes in their peaks and dips, in their intensity, and in the hue. Life is all about change.
Now that you have had at least one aura photo taken, it is time for you to meditate on where you want your aura to go, and what to do with your life to get there. Or conversely, where do you want your life to go, and what can you do to change incoming energies, work with inner energies, or refocus outgoing energies to achieve those goals?
Take a while to think about how your aura describes you and where you want to go from there. Don’t think of any colors as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, those distinctions don’t exist in the aura. Rather, think of colors intuitively; think of them as keys to your life. Red can be a defensive color, or it can be the color of a charming and assertive person. We all need a little red in our aura for that is the deep well of passion. If you have a chakra reading done, look for red in the root or sex chakra.
If you will be having any work done for your aura, such as a Reiki healing, or acupuncture, etc., you will be doing much to help balance your energies and your aura. You will almost undoubtedly see and feel a change. Keep these two things in mind: First, the more of the same type of treatment you have done to you, the less you will change. Second, don’t expect your colors to get more brilliant or larger. A treatment, if done well, will bring your expressed and center colors closer to the middle of the spectrum (blues and greens.

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