About Us

The Institution has been rightly named by Dr Lavina as “SOUL SEARCHER”.

“SOUL” means spirit, essence, real meaning, and core of heart, &

“SEARCHER” means path finder, egger, inquirer, and seeker.

So, SOUL SEARCHER means Internal Search for Deep Meaning of Life.

At SOUL SEARCHER, we are committed to bring forth the inherent happiness and peace with in you.

Here we offer Reiki Courses and Services to help you attain that way towards happiness.

Our Reiki Courses may help you delve deep into your being and also get you answers you have been seeking for long. Who are you? What is the purpose of your life?

These days the need for Spiritual Guidance has increased multifold. This makes Reiki a great career option; you can choose it as your career and contribute in making this world a better place we at SOUL SEARCHER, help you to re-discover your true self and motivate you to set new goals and reach new heights.

Come and discover yourself. Get free from the distress of the past and worries of the future and cherish the present for it is a present given to us by GOD. We aim at making a highly evolved positive society by helping people to grow and accomplish their endeavors.

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