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Reiki First Level

Reiki Level – I is for those new to Reiki, wishing to heal oneself in a new and profound ways; and/or help friends and family improve their health & wellness.

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Reiki Second Level

Reiki Level – II is for people who have completed Reiki Level – I after acquiring deep knowledge of Reiki System. acquiring deep knowledge of Reiki System.

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Reiki Third A Level

Reiki Level – III A (Shinpiden) is for people who have completed Reiki – II Degree and have used Reiki on themselves and others regularly for a substantial length of time and eager to enhance the healing power.

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Reiki Third- B Level

Introduction to two tibetial symbols
Reiki IIIB meditation with 6 symbols
Anthakarna meditation
Detailed explanation of all symbols

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Reiki Grandmaster

USUI Reiki lineage
Breath meditations
Star of devoid meditation
Healing the earth
Brain Balancing

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About Dr. Lavina Gupta

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Dr. Lavina

Spiritual Healer

Dr Lavina is a spiritual healer and a light worker. Since her childhood she had spiritual inclination. In her sixth standard, she had many questions like Who are we? Where do we come from? Why have we taken birth? What we have to do in our life? All these questions drove her more inequities and more determined to seek an answer for all this.
After completion of schooling, she was not able to decide which career to choose upon. As she always had spiritual inclination; she asked for help; she asked universe to help her in choosing the right path and guide her for her life purpose. Suddenly she joined two years Diploma course in Holistic Health and Fitness and thus started her spiritual journey.
She excelled in this field and she topped both years in her academics, achieved cent percent attendance in both years and was awarded for her credentials by the Governors of Delhi and Haryana. After this, she didn’t stop learning. She grasped the field of alternative therapies. She did one year course in Clinical Acupuncture. She did Reiki in the lineage of world renowned Reiki master Mr. William Lee Rand and specialized many occult science fields.
Presently, she is the founder and proprietor of “Soul Searcher Research Training & Healing Foundation”. Mission of her is to enlighten and awaken the spiritual gifts in each and every soul living in this planet.
She has transformed thousands of human lives with her universal guidance and assistance, and the count still continues…

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Reiki FAQ

Feel free to ask any question about Reiki

Reiki is an ancient practice of therapeutic touch relaxes and de-stresses as it brings an individual's body to a more balanced state supporting the functioning of the immune system and relieving many symptoms of illness.

Yes, 100% safe always, Reiki does not cause any adverse or detrimental side effects. Reiki is safe and gentle for all since a practitioner does not manipulate, diagnose nor prescribe medication. It is believed that Reiki energy works only for the Highest Good of each person and can NOT cause harm. It is safe for anyone and for any situations including pregnant women and children.

Some of us are rightly very conscious of side effects of any medical treatment. Since Reiki is also a healing system, people have questions about this too. Let this be known for certain that Reiki treatment has no harmful side affect whatsoever because Reiki does not use any physical medicines. This infallible life force energy always works for our greatest good whatever that might be. So there is nothing to worry about it. The best part of Reiki treatment is that one cannot be harmed by it even if over used. Reiki energy with its supreme intelligence goes only to the benefit of the recipient and makes no mistake. It is pure love and fully positive. However, there are certain conditions when Reiki treatment should not be given; for example during surgery when the patient in on the operation table and under anesthesia.

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