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Online Tarot Classes in Delhi

There are a lots of ways to read tarot cards but in case if you want to learn online tarot card is not possible easily. With Reiki Sadhna , as we offers online tarot classes in Delhi process, you will learn how to give yourself a meaningful emotional tarot card reading online. Online tarot card learning classes is found as easy to understand. There are several benefits of online tarot classes in Delhi by us, which can hardly be denied.

Here are list of each card of the Major Arcana has attributed an element, planet or zodiac sign -

  • The Fool - Air, Uranus
  • The Magician - Mercury
  • The High Priestess - Moon
  • The Empress - Venus
  • The Emperor - Aries
  • The Hierophant - Taurus
  • The Lovers - Gemini
  • The Chariot - Cancer
  • Strength - Leo
  • The Hermit - Virgo
  • The Wheel of Fortune - Jupiter
  • Justice - Libra
  • The Hanged Man - Water, Neptune
  • Death - Scorpio
  • Temperance - Sagittarius
  • The Devil - Capricorn
  • The Tower - Mars
  • The Star - Aquarius
  • The Moon - Pisces
  • The Sun - Sun
  • Judgment - Fire, Pluto
  • The World - Saturn

Concepts of Tarot Cards

The mechanisms of tarot card readings are somewhat as follows. The cards are categorized in the following types. We have a Seventy Eight Rider-Waite tarot pack. It is categorized into two major divisions known as Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. There are twenty-two Major Arcana. They represent various behaviors and are collected unconsciously by all humans. Cards representing death are an example of Major Arcana. On the other hand, the Minor Arcana has four suits - Cups, Pentacles, Swords, and Wands. They are used to represent different aspects of life at different stages. These are more like casual behavior outcomes of the given inputs.

There are several tarot card readers around the world. Tarot reading is a sophisticated art and needs to be mastered. Once learned, it can also be taught. What could be better than knowing the path to the future yourself, and also teaching others how to go about with it? Your pupils learn a very important and useful thing in life for which they can never thank you enough. Once learned with Online tarot training in Delhi , it not only helps you but also guides others who come to seek help from you. Tarot card reading might not always show you results of a bright future but they definitely show you possibilities you are likely to encounter, whether good or bad. We can prepare ourselves accordingly to cope with the situations.

Soul Searcher Research Training and Healing Foundation Delhi , one of the best Tarot teachings in Delhi offers the full-time online tarot classes in Delhi. Tarot Cards consist of 78 cards with 78000 different reading meanings.

Our Tarot Classes in Delhi

Learn Tarot Reading in Delhi

Basic : (Course Duration - 2 Days)

  • Introduction to Tarot cards
  • Major and minor archana
  • Brief description on all cards
  • Spread / layout
  • Meditation on card
  • General guidance
  • Advance: (Course Duration- 5 days)

  • Original meaning of Tarot.
  • Major and minor archana.
  • Full description on all the cards.
  • Study of colour and symbol of all cards.
  • Different kinds of spreads / layout.
  • Alister Crowleytarot Cards Reading (Course Duration- 15 days)

  • Introduction
  • Major Archana
  • Minor archana (elemental cards)
  • Zodiac signs and astrological meanings
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